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unSCruz Postponed!

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must announce the time has come to officially postpone unSCruz 2020: Hindsight. With the recent Shelter In Place announcement, many pieces shifted in directions that led to this decision. First and... Read More

New for 2020: Department of Mutant Vehicles

The unSCruz Production Team has added a new department to our repertoire: the Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV). At this year’s event there will be ample space to drive, including access to the fabled Friday night racetrack! Be sure to... Read More

Volunteer Shifts Now Open!

unSCruz is a 100% grass-fed cage-free organic volunteer-run event. Nobody who puts on this amazing four-day gathering is paid. And in 2020, our tenth year, we’re taking up more space in the fairgrounds than we ever have! This means that... Read More

Important unSCruz: Hindsight dates and information!

unSCruz is just around the corner! Can you feel it? If you’re as excited as we are about this year, here is some vital information to keep in mind: Tickets and vehicle passes This is the 10th year for unSCruz,... Read More

unSCruz General Population Camping–Important News!

It’s almost here! We just released the placement map for unSCruz and we’re super excited. The event is getting larger, and we’re going to be taking up more room at the fairgrounds this year. You might even want to bring... Read More

No Trash Cans at unSCruz! LNT Starts at Home.

Did you know that the most important part of LNT (Leave No Trace) starts before you arrive at unSCruz? This year in–keeping with the Principle of Leave no Trace–we are treating trash more like Burning Man and other Regional events:... Read More

Give a Hoot – Don’t MOOP: Leaving No Trace at unSCruz

Just like Burning Man, unSCruz is a Leave No Trace (LNT) event. Even though we’re in a very different kind of location than the playa, it’s important that attendees still keep track of their trash and keep the event pristine.... Read More

Vehicle Passes Now Available!

Tickets are selling quickly, and we just released vehicle passes to ticket-buyers. We’re excited to see you! This year, vehicle passes are ONLY for general population vehicles where you will be sleeping in the vehicle. There will be no vehicle... Read More

Children at unSCruz?

Bringing children to unSCruz can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for a family, and just like Burning Man, special care, preparation and mindfulness need to be at the forefront of your experience.   Children are a welcome presence at... Read More

How Will You Bizarre Bazaar?

Imagine the scene: you’re wandering in a strange place. It’s dark out, but there are lights everywhere, near and far. Objects float past – a dragon spouting fire, a unicorn, some kind of spaceship. You’re not sure where on earth... Read More