Children at unSCruzBringing children to unSCruz can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for a family, and just like Burning Man, special care, preparation and mindfulness need to be at the forefront of your experience.  

Children are a welcome presence at unSCruz. There are many kid friendly happenings to be had and enjoyed together as a family and our event site offers many of the comforts of home such as running water and working bathrooms, which makes it much easier for the whole family.

Safety is at the forefront of our mission to offer a wonderful family experience at unSCruz. Upon arrival, each family will be registered and a wristband will be placed on each child, which will include the phone # of the parent or legal guardian. Children must be supervised by a sober adult at all times.

Prior to the event it’s helpful to sit down as a family and discuss the 10 principles and situations they may encounter outside of their normal, default world experiences, such as:

  • Public Nudity
  • Grownups in silly costumes
  • Altered grownups acting strangely
  • Loud music
  • Art Cars that they need to be careful of not running in front of

Once you’re all checked in, please introduce your children to the Black Rock Rangers, the women and men in Khaki. These folks are there to assist in times of need. Make sure your children know that if they become separated from you, they should find a Ranger and they will reunite them with their grown-ups.

If you, as the adult become separated from your child, immediately report to the Rangers. The event gates will be shut down until you are reunited with your kidlet.

Children should ask permission before entering a camp. Some of our camps are adult only and it can be confusing for children to be exposed to such experiences. Often kids are up and about long before the adults, so please keep your children in your camp and away from camps that are still sleeping. Be courteous of your neighbors.

Children are not allowed in the Trike Track without a legal guardian at all times!

This is a great community, lots of creativity, art, positivity and joy. Be a responsible parent and you and your children will have a wonderful time.