Star LightsImagine the scene: you’re wandering in a strange place. It’s dark out, but there are lights everywhere, near and far. Objects float past – a dragon spouting fire, a unicorn, some kind of spaceship. You’re not sure where on earth (or any planet) you are, but you’re intrigued, so you keep wandering, deeper and deeper into a maze of tents, all lit from within. Curious, you cautiously peek into a nearby structure lined with colorful fabric that undulates in the breeze.

Inside, odd characters are seated, talking. Who are they? One of them looks up and greets you. This creature – is it a talking horse? – offers you some tea and a seat on one of the pillows. You’re not sure what’s expected of you, but you take seat, open to whatever happens.

On the low table are objects that you can’t put a name to. Some of them seem vaguely familiar, halfway related to ancient household items you can’t remember the use for. Some of them look like glass insects, others like living sea creatures. One of them looks like what a tape recorder may have looked like back when peoples recorded things on tape. You sip your tea – mint and cardamom – and gently take hold of the glowing insect thing. It pulses in your hands. The horse creature looks over: “You like it?” It says. You nod. “Take it.”

The theme for this year’s unSCruz is “Bizarre Bazaar”. A strange marketplace full of oddities and experiences that you’ll never really be prepared for. An opening to another dimension; one where the currency isn’t money, but curiosity.

We invite you to bring something – anything – to offer your community that will enrich, enliven, inspire, and delight. Bring the bystanders in to participate in an experience; create curiosity and wonder, surprise and enchantment.

What will you bring?

Will it be an object, a talent, a performance, a trick? Can you create something totally new, or re-create something old that’s been lost?

And what will you take back with you – ideas, objects, stories, skills – to delight your friends at home?

Money can be a useful tool, but for this weekend, we’ll use other currencies that are about more than financial revenue. This weekend will be about sharing our talents, our passions, our creativity; about discovering new delights, uncovering old mysteries.

What will you bring?