Bipolar Express by Allen Wentworth & the Upsie Dasium crew

The unSCruz Production Team has added a new department to our repertoire: the Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV). At this year’s event there will be ample space to drive, including access to the fabled Friday night racetrack! Be sure to join in the fun of the Mutant Vehicle parade.

To ensure safety and ease of transport, operators of Mutant Vehicles interested in bringing their MV’s to Hindsight 2020 must register their vehicle and must also apply for placement by April 1st. All non-human powered Mutant Vehicles that carry one or more human(s) must apply for placement as well as registration. This includes mutant vehicles that will stay stationary for the duration of the event.

Mutant vehicles DO NOT need a vehicle pass.

During the period April 2nd-April 12th, the DMV will review and respond to Mutant Vehicle applications. Upon acceptance, dear Mutant Vehicle operators, you will have just about two weeks to secure your vehicles and make necessary adjustments before Hindsight 2020 opens to the public on April 30th.

Upon your arrival, please assemble your MV and make your way to the DMV for check-in and review. Be sure to obey the speed limit of 5 mph at all times. If your vehicle is stationary, the DMV can come inspect your vehicle where it stands. Further details regarding entry and DMV inspection hours will be provided with your acceptance letter, after April 1st!