No trash logoIf you’ve been going to Burning Man and similar types of events, you know that LNT, or Leave No Trace, is one of our core principles. We take LNT very seriously for several reasons: we care for the environment and want to reduce the amount of trash we produce at the event, we want to encourage everyone to be responsible for the impact they have on the planet and on others, and we want to be able to come back to the Fairgrounds for years to come by being the absolute best stewards of this incredible space.

This year, unScruz will NOT be providing trash cans, so you will need to carry your trash back home with you.

Here are some easy tips for generating less waste at unScruz:

1) Before you arrive, remove all packaging – Take food and drink items, batteries, camping gear, and everything else out of its packaging and pack them into bins or bags. This way, you won’t have a lot of trash to carry back with you, since there won’t be trash cans or trash pickup at the event.

2) Bring garbage bags – Since you will be collecting your own trash and packing it out, be sure to bring strong garbage bags or another kind of trash receptacle that won’t break as you’re carrying it home! Nobody likes smelly garbage spilling all over their car. And bring extra bags just in case.

3) Bring your own utensils, plates, and cups – Bring NONBREAKABLE eating and kitchenware items with you. Camps can choose to provide cups or plates with any beverage or food gifts they offer, but don’t count on it. It’s always a good idea to bring your own. And even better if you have a way to attach your cup to you so you don’t lose it! And be sure to label any items you carry away from camp so they can be returned to you.

4) Pick up trash, even if it’s not yours – Sometimes trash happens. Maybe there was a gust of wind and something blew over from another camp. Or someone mistakenly dropped something. Pick it up and either carry it back to your camp or ask at nearby camps if you can deposit it in their trash. We are all responsible for keeping the Fairgrounds clean.

5) Visit the LNT booth – Come talk to our MOOP Fairies (MOOP is Matter Out of Place) about ways to reduce waste in general and at campouts. And enjoy the MOOP sculptures or make your own!