Shark manIt’s been a crazy two years, hasn’t it? We’ve all had to make a lot of changes to keep ourselves and others safe.  We want 2022 to be the best unScruz ever, and we also want to make sure we all stay safe and healthy. As we go into the 2022 campout season, keep in mind that many of us might not have been partying much in the last couple of years. Here are some tips to having a fabulous time at unScruz this year:

1) HYDRATE – Water helps keep you healthy, especially if you’re dancing your booty off, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the Fairground hospitality. Remember to keep your water bottle with you and fill it often (The Fairgrounds does have drinking fountains and bathrooms with faucets). And label your water bottle if you want it back — water bottles are the most common items turned in at the Lost & Found at OffPlaya Info.

2) BE AWARE OF YOUR MENTAL STATE – The stress of the last 2 years has taken its toll on a lot of us. You may have noticed yourself or others becoming more easily upset. Make it a habit to stay aware of how you’re feeling moment to moment. Less sleep and more stimulus (the lights! The sounds! The people you haven’t seen in years!) can affect your moods and reactions. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, cranky, sad, or just over stimulated, it’s OK to take a break and find a quiet spot to breathe. There are theme camps with chill areas, and quieter parts of the fairgrounds if you need to step away for a minute or several.

3) BE AWARE OF YOUR FRIENDS’ MENTAL STATES – You may be camping with people you’ve spent quarantine with, or you may be camping with old friends you haven’t seen in person in several years. Either way, remember that this may be an intense time for them as well. If someone seems different than normal, or if you see someone struggling, check in with them to see if there’s anything they need. Remember that there are rangers and medical personnel at the Fairgrounds if someone needs medical help.

4) BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF AND OTHERS – We’ve all been through some trying times. People may be more likely to get upset or triggered. Be kind. If conflict arises, it’s OK to step away to calm down or even ask someone you trust to mediate. Chronic stress can cause us to respond differently than we normally might.

5) CONSENT IS ALWAYS KEY – Many of us may not have been at a campout in two years or more. With the dancing and sexy outfits and joy at seeing people we’ve been missing, it can be easy to forget that it’s still really important to make sure we’re respecting other peoples’ boundaries. Even if, in the Before Times, you may have had a certain type of agreement with someone about touch, in 2022 they may have different boundaries. It’s always a good idea to ask first before touching anyone’s body, hair, or clothing unless you already have explicit permission.

unScruzers are the best community out there–we know everyone wants the best experience for themselves and others. We’re so excited to see you!