It’s almost here! We just released the placement map for unSCruz and we’re super excited. The event is getting larger, and we’re going to be taking up more room at the fairgrounds this year. You might even want to bring a bike this time!

unSCruz map 2019Here are some general guidelines:

  • All RV’s will be grouped in a designated RV camping area (and these will be dry camping–no hookups).
  • All car campers and tents will be placed in the lower area by the horse arenas.
  • You will receive the What Where When (SO MANY exciting camps and experiences!), including a map of the fairgrounds, when you get aboard the shuttle or when you enter the gates. If you don’t get one, come to Off Playa Info, which will be located inside Heritage Hall (the first building to your right as you enter the event).  We’ll have some maps there.
  • Your shuttle drivers will ask you where you’re camping and will bring you to the proper location.

This year at unSCruz, we have some new, stricter fire regulations that we need to comply with. These are not suggestions; they will be strictly enforced! Please help us keep the event safe (and help ensure that we can continue having the event) by familiarizing yourself and your camp with these rules.

Bring a tape measure if you’ve got one, but we’ll have people there to help you. Contact a placer or ranger–or anyone with a radio–if you have questions or issues setting up your camp.

The new regulations are:

  • All cars must be placed 10 feet away from any tents or shade structures.
  • Any grouping of tents larger than 750 square feet must have a 10-foot separation between it and any nearby groupings.
  • Cars may be parked right up against each other, but vehicles with tents attached to them also need to be 10 feet away from nearby tents.

Placers will be there to help you get your camps set up and make sure you’re meeting the requirements.

When in doubt, look for someone with a radio and we’ll help you get sorted out.

And most importantly: bring your sense of adventure!