Yippeeee!!! We’re finally going to get to hang out again! We hope you’re as excited as we are for unScruz 2022. This year is shaping up to be a fabulous one: lots of great art, interactive camps, music, and other shenanigans for four days.

And, as always, the event is entirely staffed by volunteers who create order out of chaos, maintain a safe and fun environment, and manage all the various departments that come together to create the magic. We’ve got a fabulous bunch of volunteers this year, but we still have some slots open. No matter what your skills and interests are, there’s something for you! You can sign up for shifts on our volunteer page.

If you’re looking for a ticket this year and since the event is sold out, volunteering for at least 8 hours is a great way to get a ticket! If you volunteer for a minimum of 8 hours, you’ll earn access to purchase a Tier 1 ticket. Plus, all volunteers will get access to tickets for 2023, at a discount: 4 or more hours of volunteering will get you 50% discount off the Tier 1 ticket price, and 8 hours will get you a 100% discount off Tier 1 ticket. Vehicle passes are not discounted. If you’re volunteering to earn the opportunity to purchase the Tier 1 ticket for this year, be sure to connect with our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@unscruz.org  so we can get you that code.

Photo of the Man built for unScruz 2019

We will also be hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Party on Saturday, June 11th in Santa Cruz.

Here are the departments that need help:


unScruz is a ticketed, private event. Perimeter helps keep the event secure by making sure that the correct gates are open and helping out with placing or moving signage and barriers. Plus, you might get to ride around in golf carts!

Department of Public Works (DPW)

DPW builds the infrastructure at the event, including erecting structures, moving items, laying out cables, and helping artists and camps with their infrastructure needs. This is a fabulous way to use your strength AND your brains! Many shifts offer Early Arrival opportunities.

Sound Control
The Sound Control crew monitors the decibel levels from sound camps. We want to maintain a fun atmosphere, but we must keep our noise level below the maximum allowed by Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. You will be tasked with monitoring key areas of the Fairgrounds, documenting the decibel levels from those areas, and informing the sound camp if the noise is too loud. Remember that the Fairgrounds are surrounded by residential areas, and we want to be good neighbors!

This is a great chance to enjoy the event while also helping out in an important way. The Resto crew starts working the Monday after the event to make sure the venue is pristine after everyone else leaves. So come for the party and stay for the cleanup so that we can continue to enjoy the Fairgrounds for years to come.

Box Office

Be a part of the team that gets to be the first point of contact as participants arrive! You’ll be a ticket-scanning pro in no time and have a fabulous time welcoming folks as they arrive at unSCruz.


One of the most common questions that newly arriving camp and art crews have is “Where do I set up?” Placers show theme camps, artists, and other participants find their assigned spots and then assist them in their set-up as needed. If you enjoy meeting the artists and creative minds who make unScruz so fabulous, this is the role for you!

Rainbow Trike Track
Do you like rainbows and tricycles? What about snacks? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, then the Rainbow Trike Track might be the volunteer shift for you. You can help work the entrance, run the race track, or dish up gourmet snacks for eager participants.

Gate/Greeters/Load-In Team

Be the helpful and welcoming person that gives guidance to attendees as they enter unScruz with a Vehicle Pass. You’ll be handing out the What Where When guide and showing folks where they can set up camp.


If you love to nourish folks, the Hospitality team is for you! Hospitality crew works to prepare and serve yummy food to the staff and volunteers. You’ll be working with a fun group in the full Fairground kitchen.

When you sign up for a shift, please make sure you arrive at your shift on time and ready to participate. Please be able to function in your assigned role. If you can’t make your shift or if you aren’t able to function, please let your team lead know prior to the start of your shift. All volunteers will sign in and out of their shifts so that we know who is eligible for ticket discounts in 2023.

We’re looking forward to working and playing with you!