Placement Team and BrewHaHa

unSCruz is a 100% grass-fed cage-free organic volunteer-run event. Nobody who puts on this amazing four-day gathering is paid. And in 2020, our tenth year, we’re taking up more space in the fairgrounds than we ever have! This means that there will be even more opportunities for you to participate.

Or, to put it another way: we need you! Help!

Volunteer shifts are now open for these roles. Visit the volunteer page to sign up for shifts.

Art placement: Art is one of our major offerings to our community. Art placement volunteers work with artists to help install their pieces and connect them with resources.

Box Office: This is one of the most vital teams at the event, and volunteers will require extra vetting. The box office crew makes sure that only ticketholders can get into the event, provides and checks wristbands, and checks in minors to ensure their safety.

Fluffers: These fine unSCruz citizens travel the event on their golf cart steeds to make sure volunteers are hydrated and well-fed.

Gate/Greeters: Another super important role at the event, Greeters personally welcome every attendee into the grounds and answer questions, direct attendees to appropriate locations, and act as ambassadors of unSCruz.

Kitchen/Hospitality: unSCruz runs on its stomach, so kitchen/hospitality volunteers help the hospitality team prepare meals, feed hungry volunteers, and clean up.

Leave No Trace: As with every Burning Man event, we’re committed to making sure we leave the fairgrounds as pristine as we found it. LNT volunteers will help pick up MOOP, educate attendees about the importance of LNT, and show off their favorite MOOP finds on our “Wheel of MOOP”!

Off Playa Info: OPI acts as a human database, providing answers to questions about anything from “where do I camp?” to “when does the Kentucky Disturby start?” A fun hub of old and new friends. Also give out ice until it runs out.

Perimeter: The perimeter team makes sure attendees are safe and that only ticketholders can access the event. They patrol the fairgrounds, check entrances, and generally help keep the event boundaries secure.

Camp Placement: The most common question at unSCruz is: “where can I camp?” Placement will direct theme camps as well as walk-in campers to appropriate camping areas, making order out of chaos!

Restoration: Here’s your chance to party AND volunteer, as the resto crew doesn’t start work until Monday after the event is over. Make sure unSCruz can enjoy many more years at the fairgrounds by cleaning up after everyone else is gone.

Shuttle: Since campers aren’t allowed to drive their cars onto the fairgrounds until the last day, the shuttle drivers provide necessary transportation from the parking lot to the fairgrounds, including driving through the grounds to deliver attendees to their spots. Shuttle drivers also hand out the What Where When guide and answer questions.

Sound Control: unSCruz is held near residential areas, so it’s important that we keep the sound to a certain level so as not to disturb the neighbors. The sound control crew measures decibel levels throughout the event and makes sure that any amplified sound remains below the maximum established by the fairgrounds. 

So pick one or more crews you’d like to help out,  gather your friends, sign up, and let’s put on the tenth year of unScruz. Together!